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Today was the last of the Commonwealth Commomorative Week questions. See our MFAFT staff deep in competition mode. ...

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Minister Johnson Smith in the Senate today reiterated the Jamaican government's commitment "to making informed and strategic decisions in the national interest," as she addressed concerns stemming from president trump's recent announcement of an intention to impose tariffs on imported aluminium and steel.

Below are excerpts from Minister's presentation today as she confirmed that the Jamaican Government has been closely monitoring the decision by the United States of America to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports.

“As I stated in the Senate last Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is in direct consultation on the matter with the Ministry of Transport and Mining which is closest to the relevant stakeholders.”

“...Jamaica does not currently produce and export neither aluminium nor steel and would therefore not be directly impacted by the new regulations.”

“We also wish to advise that bauxite and alumina, which are major exports for us and are inputs in the manufacture of aluminium, are not subject to the tariffs imposed. They are in fact both tariff exempt under the CBI, which governs our trade with the USA.”

“I must underscore that the Government of Jamaica cannot and will not adopt ‘knee-jerk’ reactions to the management of our trade exports, which are critical to our economic growth agenda. Our commitment to the people of Jamaica requires a much more responsible approach to such matters. The Ministry is paying close attention to the potential impact of the measures on the global trading system and is committed to making informed and strategic decisions in our national interest. The Ministry will continue to monitor developments, while engaging with international partners and the private sector, in order to ensure that we can effectively anticipate and counteract any potential market effects.”

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3 days ago

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade, Jamaica

Ambassador Courtenay Rattray, Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the United Nations speaks, as the co-facilitator with Portugal for the 2018 ECOSOC Financing for Development Forum follow-up Outcome Document, at the 2nd Informal of the intergovernmental negotiations process towards arriving at the Outcome document 16th March 2018. ...

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