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Death, Severe Injury or Critical Illness While Travelling Abroad.


The death of a loved one can be particularly distressing when it occurs abroad especially in a country where there is no Jamaican representative. Our consular officers will do all they possibly can to assist with dealing with the authorities, given that laws differ in each country.

What our consular staff can do

  • liaise with the Jamaican Mission in that country or directly with the authorities if there is no mission to
    • get the body properly identified
    • get death certificate and autopsy report
    • ascertain the costs for the undertaker/funeral home and help to arrange for the remittance of funds to pay for the service
    • put you in touch with a funeral home in the country where the death occurred to make arrangements for your loved one’s remains to be properly buried in the country where the death occurred
    • if you choose to have their remains repatriated cremated or uncremated to Jamaica, depending on your preference, please consult the Ministry’s Shipment of Human Remains: A Guide
  • Liaise with the police or judicial authorities on your behalf in the case of suspicious death and report on findings or outcome on the case

What our consular staff cannot do

  • We cannot pay the expenses for repatriating the remains of your loved one to Jamaica
  • We cannot pay the expenses for family members to travel to where the death occurred
  • Make an insurance claim on behalf the family of the deceased.
  • Pay for cremation or burial expenses in the country where the death occurred
  • We cannot investigate any crimes or get involved in any judicial proceedings in the case of a suspicious death

Severe Injury or Critical Illness

What our Consular Staff can do

  • Liaise with the hospital administration to ascertain the details surrounding the occurrence
  • Make hospital visit(s) where possible and report on progress of injured loved one
  • Contact your family and friends to inform them of your situation
  • Initiate contact with your insurance provider about your situation
  • Safeguard your important documents and other valuables
  • Receive and deliver to you remittances of funds from your family and friends
  • Provide a list of English-speaking lawyers

What our consular staff cannot do

  • Pay medical bills for hospital stay
  • Provide accommodation for you when you leave hospital
  • Pay you airfare back to Jamaica
  • Resolve issues you may have with your insurance carrier
  • Intervene with the authorities if there is an ongoing investigation
  • Provide translation services


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