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Trade in Goods

Traditionally, Jamaica’s primary area of focus has been the trade in goods (merchandise trade), for which imports and exports accounted for 30.3% and 9.0% of GDP respectively in 2015. Prior to the discovery of bauxite, Jamaica’s economy was based on the production and export of agricultural products, primarily sugar and bananas, under preferential trade arrangements.

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Trade In Services

Trade in services makes a significant contribution to Jamaica’s economy and has become an important area of focus in bilateral, regional and international trade. Over the past four decades, Jamaica has become heavily dependent on tourism (the travel and leisure sectors). It should be noted that the value of trade in services as a total of GDP was approximately 35.7% in 2015.

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Main Trading Partners in 2016

Main Trading Partners in 2016

United States, Canada, European Union, Russian Federation, China, Georgia, Iceland, Cameroon, Japan
Principal export product: alumina


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Trade Statistics

Merchandise Trade
In 2016, Jamaica’s merchandise exports to the world were valued at US$ 1,194, 769, 000, while imports were valued at US$ 4,751,330,000. The Balance of Trade was –US$ 3,556,561, 000.
For merchandise trade statistics, visit the website of the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN):

Trade in Services Data
Regarding data on trade in services, note that disaggregated data is not yet available.

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Jamaica’s Foreign Trade Consultative Mechanism

The Jamaica Trade and Adjustment Team (JTAT)

The primary mechanism for consultations and coordination between the public and private sectors and civil society is the Jamaica Trade and Adjustment Team (JTAT). The Trade Coordination and Policy Committee (TCPC), which existed between 1992 and 2001, was replaced by the Jamaica Trade and Adjustment Team (JTAT) in February 2001. JTAT was established to deepen and widen the

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