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Heads of Mission from Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Serbia and Egypt each presented their Letters of Credence to the Minister of State, Senator the Honourable Pearnel Charles Jr. on Tuesday, May 29 at the Ministry’s Head office in New Kingston.



During a discourse between Minister Charles Jr. and His Excellency A.L, Ratnapala, non-resident High Commissioner (HC) to Sri Lanka; HC Ratnapala assured Minister Charles of an improved friendship and relationship between Jamaica and Sri Lanka during his tenure.



On the subject of business partnerships, Ambassador Kmonicek boasted of Czech Republic’s economic position as a selling point for the country’s potential trading partnership with Jamaica. He noted that discussions are underway with Czech Republic representatives in Jamaica to develop small projects, which are expected to pragmatically assist in increased business ventures between both states.



“A push in political dialogues on the highest level” between Serbia and Jamaica was among the subject matter for Danilo Pantovic, Ambassador of Serbia. The Ambassador also encouraged the advancement of the Serbian Scholarship Programme which facilitates Jamaican students studying in Serbia.



Mohamed Hishan Gamal Eldien Shuair, Ambassador to Egypt emphasized the need for enhanced relations between Jamaica and Egyptian counterparts. While commenting on Jamaica’s Tourism industry, Ambassador Shuair further stated plans to introduce Egyptian Investors to boost the country’s Tourism Sector.

The Ambassador asserted that the key to job growth in Jamaica is the implementation of Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises (MSME’s) noting that Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one such lucrative MSME. Minister Charles stated that skills garnered in the BPO sector are transferrable to the Tourism and Entrepreneurial Industries.