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Pearnel Charles Jr. State Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, has applauded the gesture made by Businesswoman Mrs. Cornelia Walters Jones, in responding to the wishes of twenty (20) Jamaican medical students in Cuba.

The students had expressed to Minister Charles in a recent visit to the country that they missed home and looked forward to contributing to developing Jamaica in the near future.

Mrs. Jones owner of the online company was made aware of the situation from a video posted by Minister Charles on one of his social media pages. Mrs. Jones a former international student said she understood the students’ nostalgia for home and in response delivered care packages for them.

“As a former international student in Mexico, I know what homesickness is and what it is to long for Jamaican delicacies,” Mrs. Jones explained as she handed over Jamaican treats to the Foreign Affairs State Minister, for onward transmission to the students in Cuba at the Ministry’s New Kingston headquarters.

For the State Minister with responsibility for Diaspora Affairs, the gesture from a local Jamaican to Jamaicans in the Diaspora, “illustrates that Jamaica not only receives support from its Diaspora, but also gives support to our Diaspora when called upon. It acknowledges the special connection we have with Jamaicans in the Caribbean.”

Mrs. Jones online company facilitates online shopping and also Jamaican manufacturers seeking to export their products.