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Senator the Honourable Kamina Johnson Smith, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade has announced that on Thursday, February 22, 2018, Jamaica will host a Diplomatic Day in honour of resident and non-resident diplomats assigned to Jamaica.
On that occasion, Minister Johnson Smith will brief the diplomats on important national developments as well as priority Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade issues being pursued by the Government of Jamaica.
Having been briefed by the Foreign Minister and participated in the credential ceremony the day before, the diplomats will be guests of Their Excellencies, The Governor General and Lady Allen during the annual Diplomatic Dinner at Kings House.
“Jamaica deeply appreciates the invaluable contributions diplomats make to the cordial relations between states, and particularly between Jamaica and our bilateral partners. This year, we will focus on the briefing aspect of our engagement, a matter which has always been highlighted by diplomats as important to them and their capitals. We also look forward to meeting and updating each other on various bilateral cooperation projects and agreements, and, of course, the elegance of the State Dinner so graciously hosted by Their Excellencies” says the Minister.
Nine (9) High Commissioners and Ambassador-designate presented their Letters of Credence to His Excellency the Governor-General in a presentation ceremony at King’s House following the presentation of Copy Letters by 10 designates to Minister Johnson Smith on Wednesday that morning. At the same time, the High Commissioner of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, for which The Queen is still Head of State, will present his Letter of Introduction to the Prime Minister.
This year, 20 non-resident Heads of Mission made the trip to Jamaica in observation of Diplomatic Day, and next year Diplomatic Week returns, marking its rebirth as a biennial event.