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The Ministry’s Bilateral Relations Department is responsible for managing and maintaining Jamaica’s bilateral relations with over one hundred and fifty countries (150) with which Jamaica has established diplomatic relations in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East.

The Bilateral Relations Department, in carrying out its functions, seeks to promote friendship and cooperation with Jamaica’s bilateral partners.

In fulfilling this role, the Department, in conjunction with Jamaica’s overseas diplomatic and consular missions:

  1. monitors, assesses and reports on political, social, and economic developments within the countries under the Department’s purview;
  2. provides policy advice on Jamaica’s bilateral engagements with countries;
  3. identifies new areas for expansion of technical, economic, cultural, education, sports and other types of cooperation with our bilateral partners;
  4. develops policies and strategies for engagement with Jamaica’s new and non-traditional bilateral partners;
  5. deepens and widens the scope of diplomatic relations at the regional and hemispheric levels;
  6. supports the implementation of existing bilateral cooperation agreements with countries;
  7. facilitates the conclusion and implementation of new bilateral cooperation agreements; and
  8. encourages the establishment and retention of diplomatic missions in Jamaica.

As Jamaica continues its push to strengthen its global presence, particularly with those countries that are viewed as non-traditional partners, the Department is integral to initiating relations with countries across the Africa, Asia, Europe, the Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East.

Another key focus for the Department is the establishment of diplomatic relations with countries with which Jamaica does not yet have formal relations.

Jamaica is also committed to achieving a more holistic cooperation with the countries of the African continent, through increased dialogue and cooperation on areas of mutual interest.

The Department also works closely with other Government Ministries and Agencies in order to ensure the effective implementation of bilateral cooperation projects and programmes.