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  1. Administer the provisions of the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations to facilitate the efficient functioning of   Diplomatic Missions, Consulates and their members in Jamaica
  2. Manage the appointment of Jamaican diplomatic and consular representatives oversea and Jamaican representatives to Inter-   Governmental Organizations
  3. Plan conferences and meetings hosted by the Ministry
  4. Plan and execute official visits undertaken at the Ministerial level
  5. Represent the Ministry on the Inter-Ministerial Committee to plan and execute State , Official and Working visits to Jamaica as well as State and Official funerals
  6. Support the Office of the Prime Minister in the planning and execution of state and national ceremonial events
  7. Manage the process to acquire visas for officials travelling on government business
  8. Provide protocol guidance and assistance to Jamaica’s Missions, Ministries, Departments, Agencies
  9. Provide guidance to the general public on matters of protocol (correct forms of address, flag protocol, official seating, visa requirements and issuance of visas)
  10. Manage the notification process for courtesies to be extended locally and overseas to high level officials travelling In an official capacity
  11. Process requests for the overfly/landing of state aircraft and the entry of vessels in Jamaica’s waters for research, training or humanitarian purposes
  12. Plan and coordinate the execution of the Ministry’s annual Diplomatic Week
  13. Route incoming correspondence to pertinent Departments, and other Ministries etc.
  14. Process requests for the loan of flags of foreign countries. Provide guidance on the use and display of flags.