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Diaspora Advisory Board

In 2004 a Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board was established as an advisory body to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade with portfolio responsibility for Diaspora Affairs. The Advisory Board represents an important bridge between the Government and the Jamaican communities overseas.

The Board members are required to liaise with Community-Based Groups, Alumni Associations and influential individuals in their respective countries to obtain a clear understanding of the issues, interests and concerns within the Jamaican Community. In addition, they are required to brief their respective communities of the priority areas for development of the Government.

The Board currently consists of ten individuals who are elected by their peers in each Diaspora location for a period of two years.

Diaspora Advisory Board Terms of Reference (Revised)

In an effort to enhance interaction with the Diaspora, with a focus on transparency, openness and diligence the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in July 2017, undertook a full review of the original Terms of Reference (TOR) of the Diaspora Advisory Board (DAB) in consultation with the Board’s membership.

The primary areas covered under the review included:
(i) Duties and responsibilities
(ii) Appointment and Tenure of Board Members
(iii) Powers
(iv) Code of Conduct
(v) Conflict of Interest
(vi) Termination of Board Membership

The primary function of the Board, which is comprised of individuals from the Diaspora in Canada, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, is to provide advice to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade (who has portfolio responsibility for Diaspora Affairs) on matters which affect the well-being and welfare of Jamaicans living overseas. In their advisory role, DAB Members regularly interface with members of the Diaspora Community and report matters of significant importance to the Minister.

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The current Board Members are:


United Kingdom
NorthProf. Cecile
SouthMr. Fitzroy Grant
United States of America
North EastMrs. Akelia
MidwestDr. Rupert Francis
SouthernMr. Wayne Golding Sr.
Ms. Yvette Blackburn
Dr. Sylvanus Thompson
UKMiss Tanesha Westcarr