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Emergency Assistance while Travelling Abroad

The Ministry, through our Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates-General and Honorary Consuls can assist you if you, your relatives or friends experience emergencies abroad due to natural disaster, civil unrest, outbreak of war and incidents of such nature.
If your destination is affected by a large-scale emergency, such as a natural disaster or civil unrest, the Government of Jamaica will send out updated information and advisories through its mass media, website, social media accounts, by e-mail and in some cases, by phone and SMS.
The Government of Jamaica may also, as a last resort, help Jamaicans with transportation to the nearest safe location given the conditions on the ground (when all other means of commercial and personal transportation have been exhausted). In some situations the Government of Jamaica seeks the aid of international organisations, NGOs and other friendly governments to assist with evacuation.

Limitations to Assistance

There may be constraints on government resources that limit the ability of the Government of Jamaica’s ability to help you during a large-scale emergency abroad, particularly in countries with a high potential for violent conflict or political instability, or countries or regions recently affected by a natural disaster.
In some cases, our ability to provide services may also be affected by the laws and regulations of other countries.