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Protecting the rights and interests of Jamaican in vulnerable situations

From time to time Jamaican citizens may be found in situations of vulnerability such as potential for abuse while in state custody or otherwise institutionalised including wards of the state (minors or adults of diminished mental capacity) conditions of destitution; students who may be in need of assistance, victims of abductions, human trafficking

What our Consular Staff can do

  • Contact the authorities to arrange for a visit
  • Arrange for periodic welfare checks in cases of suspected abuse
  • Contact the Child Development Agency in Jamaica for guidance on adoptions if in doubt
  • One off financial support for most critical needs (subject to strict conditions)
  • Direct you to charitable organisations or NGO partners who can assist
  • Alert the authorities in situations of abduction or human trafficking

What our Consular Staff cannot do

  • Provide long term financial support
  • Remove you from the custody of the state agency or institution