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Jamaica Diaspora Education Task Force (JDET)

The Jamaica Diaspora Education Task Force (JDET) was established following 2013 Diaspora Conference in Montego Bay by a group of Jamaicans dedicated to improvement of the education system. The JDET has been led by Leo Gilling, then Diaspora Advisory Board Member for the West/Mid-West USA. The Task Force has successfully staged two Education Summits and workshops to train Middle Managers in schools. In addition, the Taskforce staged two Summer Camps and medical assessment drives for underachieving children in Grades 3. The Task Force has become involved numerous other having regard, among other things, to building the capacity of teachers as well as students.

The JDET has paid special attention to supporting Special Education, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics and the improvement of early childhood infrastructure in all 14 parishes. The Pledge2Build Campaign, with a goal of raising US$2 million, is the latest initiative of the Task Force.

To get involved and learn more about the JDET contact: Leo Gilling | |

Jamaica Diaspora Agriculture Task Force (JDAT)

The Jamaica Diaspora Agriculture Task Force (JDAT), emanated from the 2015 Biennial Diaspora Conference. Jamaican Diaspora members, led by Kimone Gooden, Diaspora Advisory Board Member for the West/Mid-West USA, joined forces to bring their expertise and mobilise resources among individuals and organizations in the Diaspora and Jamaica to promote and improve sustainable farming, organic food production, food security as well as explore new markets for Jamaican farmers. JDAT has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) and successfully delivered on:

  • Hosting the Diaspora Symposium in 2016 at Denbigh, the oldest Agriculture show in the Caribbean. The symposium delivered Organic and sustainable farming practices workshops and programmes for Farmers.
  • Sponsoring the first ever Champion Organic Farmer prize
  • Partnering with Delaware State University College of Agriculture to host the National Farm Queen in their summer programme. This will be a new prize for the national Farm Queen.
  • Joining the JAS Climate Smart Summit in Kingston in September 2016, to present to Leaders of key agencies and organizations on the case for organic, both as an economic opportunity and the answer to Climate change.

JDAT is currently launching in partnership with key Diaspora and Jamaican organizations, the first ever Organic Farming Accelerator, aimed at creating a true and viable Organic Market in Jamaica. The Accelerator will train, mentor, certify and connect new Jamaican Organic Farmers to markets.
For more information visit or
To get involved contact Kimone Gooden |

Jamaica Diaspora Technology Task Force (JDTT)

The Jamaica Diaspora Technology Taskforce is a group of Jamaicans in the IT sector in the Diaspora who are committed to supporting the development of a viable offshore software development industry in Jamaica.
In June 2016, JDTT in partnership with the Palisadoes Foundation launched the Calico Project to support Jamaica as a hub for virtual software development talent. The project provided students residing in Jamaica with a stipend for the summer to participate in international open source software projects under the guidance of a mentor. Calico successfully completed its 2016 programme where the 2 most successful students received job offers. For more information visit |
JDTT is also working on a pilot program to hire 10 offshore Software Developers with the hope of showcasing Jamaica as an ideal source for virtual tech talent for Diaspora-owned tech firms to recruit offshore resources.
For more information contact |

Jamaica Diaspora Crime Intervention and Prevention Task Force (JDCIT)

The Jamaica Diaspora Crime Intervention and Prevention Taskforce is convened by Rupert Francis, Alternate Advisory Board Member for West/Mid-West. It will leverage the Diaspora network of Criminal Justice practitioners to support the Government and key agencies in developing the best methods of dealing with and preventing every aspect of crime. The Taskforce conducted a Fact-Finding Mission to Jamaica in October 2016 to meet with local stakeholders to be apprised of the local crime fighting strategies and to learn of the wide ranging needs. The group is currently seeking to build partnerships with key agencies and individuals across countries.

For more information contact Rupert Francis |
The Taskforce also has a Facebook Forum

Jamaica Diaspora Immigration and Deportation Prevention Task Force (JDIDPTF)

JDIDPTF was created in November 2016 under the leadership of Joan Pinnock, Diaspora Advisory Board Member for the North East USA. The newly formed Task Force is committed to educating Jamaican nationals in the Diaspora about their rights as immigrants and the benefits of becoming citizens in their host countries.
For more information on the Taskforce or to get involved contact:
Joan Pinnock |