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Procedures for Charitable Donations

Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica have consistently demonstrated selfless acts of generosity and philanthropy to several charitable organisations, as well as to schools and hospitals, over the years. With the passage of the Charities Act in 2014, procedures for donations are more streamlined.

Donations of educational materials and supplies, as well as those for infrastructural development must be cleared by the National Education Trust Limited (NET), in order to benefit from duty concessions. NET is the agency of the Government of Jamaica (GoJ) that mobilises financial and quality resource investments for schools in Jamaica to achieve greater levels of access to education and learning.

Guidelines for making donations to the education sector through the National Education Trust are available here (Revised Guidline For Donating Educational Materials)

Guidelines for donations to the health sector through the Health for Life and Wellness Foundation are available here (Health for Life and Wellness Foundation)