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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is today correcting information circulated earlier which alleges that the St. Lucian Ambassador to the Organisation of American States, Anton Edmunds, was a victim of the Las Vegas tragedy.
Minister Johnson Smith indicated that Ambassador Edmunds had yesterday corrected the false report, and furthermore, Foreign Minister Flood-Beaubrun of St. Lucia has confirmed that their Ambassador is alive and well. Minister Johnson Smith also shared that just earlier today, her CARICOM Foreign Minister colleagues were commenting on the phenomenon of fake news, and how much greater care needs to be exercised in this domain.
Minister Johnson Smith, noting that Ms Lisa Hanna, Opposition Spokesperson on the portfolio had issued a release expressing condolences, underscored the importance of the new Opposition Spokesperson exercising caution and sensitivity in pronouncing on such matters and indeed on matters generally associated with Jamaica’s foreign policy and relations.
The Minister re-affirmed her offer of prayers and sympathies to the people of the United States, particularly the families of the many victims of the terrible tragedy in Las Vegas. She also extended her regrets to the people and government of St Lucia for any distress caused by the statement attributed to the Opposition Spokesperson.